Four years ago we started a journey


On April 15th just four years ago, we invited everyone to join us in Denver as we launched the premiere edition of Sensi magazine—a publication that celebrates the cannabis community.

Sensi stands for bringing people together and building a stronger community—it’s written into our founding documents that outline the culture upon which our brand was built. “Community mind” is one of the seven core values our co founders outlined at their very first meeting have helped guide our decisions through both good times and bad, through times of growth and times of uncertainty.

#SensiCares is an initiative built around eliminating some of the common barriers often faced on the path to making a positive and lasting social impact.


It remains our focus now in a time of unprecedented uncertainty. This may sound trite but nonetheless it’s true: Sensi cares. A lot—so much it’s like Care with a capital C. Which is why we’ve given our new division the name Sensi Cares.

Sensi Cares is about maximizing the social impact our partners are having on the world around them as we navigate this unprecedented time. Every day, we hear from people and companies in the cannabis industry who are doing important work to lift up their communities during a time of crisis. We want to lift them up as well, to amplify our partners’ voices and raise their social impact. Their stories deserve to be told. Sensi will tell them. And we’ll get through this crazy time together.

#SensiCares is focused on creating conversations that may never have happened, sharing ideas that may never have been seen, and building community that impacts in ways never done before.

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