In This Unprecedented Time, Come Join Our Global Online Community For A Free 5 Day Transformational Event
Get Inspired with Stories Detailing how Meditation is Transforming Lives and Communities, then Sit with Us for a Live-Streamed, 5-Day Formal Meditation Retreat & Attend 50 Specialized Training Sessions, Panel Discussions and Q&A’s
The 2nd Annual IMMERSION – A Meditation Summit &
Live Retreat is Online and
100% FREE from May 13-17, 2020
We’ve all heard about the many different ways meditation can improve your life. 

New research comes out almost daily providing more evidence-based support for how this practice helps with stress, chronic pain, optimizing performance, increasing happiness and well-being, addiction recovery, depression, improving relationships and so many other life-changing outcomes that we could fill this entire page and more and still not list them all.

But it’s one thing to hear about statistics and research outcomes. It’s another to get a sense of what it could all mean for you, in your life.
So instead of more talking heads lecturing us on all the benefits of meditation, we decided to do something radically different and highly experiential…
First, we invited dozens of the world’s top thought leaders, neuroscience researchers, business leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, coaches, best-selling authors, meditation teachers and more to share their personal meditation journeys – why they started, how they managed to make it “stick” and how this practice transformed their personal and professional lives…and the lives of the people around them. 
These powerful personal stories provide the foundation for Immersion 2020, and serve to inspire and motivate all of us to start or deepen our meditation practices.
It’s great to be inspired. It’s even better to channel that inspiration into action.

So during Immersion 2020, we’re also hosting a live, 5-day online meditation retreat, led by top Unified Mindfulness teachers and coaches.

This is not a scaled-back version of an in-person retreat. We’re talking from 8 AM to 10 PM Eastern, 14-hours-a-day-for-5-straight-days of live-streamed meditation retreat via video conferencing.

That’s 70 hours of meditation training over 5 days.

In addition to the live-streamed, formal retreat room, where you can attend sessions led by different meditation teachers, we’ll also have live breakout sessions.

Just like in-person retreats in brick and mortar settings, you’ll have a choice of two virtual rooms to spend time in.
You can stay in the main room or move over to the “Life Practice” room for sessions on special topics.

The Life Practice room will offer specialized trainings, panel discussions and open Q&As on 50 different mindfulness topics, techniques, and applications.

Keep reading to see a partial list of the special sessions you can participate in LIVE, below our speakers…

You’re welcome to join us for the entire retreat and get a fully immersive experience, or drop in and out of sessions as your schedule – and your interest – permits.
It’s completely up to you…and it’s all 100% FREE!
What Is Unified Mindfulness?

There is no “right way” to meditate. What matters most is that you find a technique that works for you, keeps you motivated, and supports the outcomes you’re hoping to achieve.

What makes the Unified Mindfulness (UM) system so special is that for the first time ever, the mechanics of meditation practice have been brought together in a comprehensive, all-encompassing framework.

This framework allows you to understand what’s going on when you practice ANY meditation technique.

And once you start to understand the “How To” of meditation, you become empowered to adapt your practice to meet you where you’re at, at any time and in any situation. That make UM ideal for practice in daily life.
UM has also been carefully designed with precise terminology which makes learning it – and teaching it – straight-forward and exact.

So while the UM system is not a new way to meditate, it does provide a new way to learn and teach meditating in an interactive format that allows the teacher to meet the student exactly where they are. This interactive teaching approach is something that makes the Unified Mindfulness system truly unique.

While UM’s framework makes it possible to pair specific techniques with your personal goals, its precision has also attracted leading labs at institutions like Harvard, Carnegie Mellon and Vanderbilt, which rely on the Unified Mindfulness system for their research into the neurological, psychological and physiological effects of mindfulness practice.

For the first time in history, science is beginning to understand how meditation practice affects the brain to ease suffering, enhance performance and improve the overall well-being and happiness for those who practice it regularly. We’re honored to play a role in helping to connect the dots between modern science and the ancient wisdom of contemplative traditions.

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