Founded by cannabis brands that wanted to do something to help the community during the COVID-19 crisis,

Friends in Weed aims to provide ongoing support to members of the cannabis and service industries. We felt a need to give back to those who are working every day on the front lines, providing access to cannabis for the citizens of Colorado during a time when we all could use a little help managing daily life. As avid consumers of cannabis, we are big fans of the local restaurant scene and the amazing experiences created by these integral members of our community. With this in mind, we came up with a way to support cannabis retailers and provide needed revenue for local restaurants while we all wait patiently for things to get back to normal.

On March 18th, we started including “Tips”, in the form of gift cards to local restaurants, to the staff of our store partners – a practice we will continue until things stabilize.

We will get through this. More importantly, we will get through this together.  And we look forward to the day that we can roast some Sueño and sit down in one of Colorado’s amazing restaurants for an epic meal. Until then, let’s keep Colorado healthy and thriving. Let’s let cannabis be the connector.  Because a friend in weed is a friend indeed.

The more brands that join us, the more we’ll be able to do.

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