Kyler Kicks Celebrates Re-Birth

Kyler Nipper, Sensi Nevada March Cover, shares renewed hope and happiness at 7th & Carson Restaurant.

By Debbie Hall

Photos by Abi Wright

A sharp pencil altered the life of Kyler Nipper, sending him on a path he never expected to walk. Through many trials, tribulations, wins, and losses, Kyler and his family are still working hard to create a community with Kylers Kicks, a nonprofit organization expanding its reach in Southern Nevada.


7th and Carson restaurant has partnered with Kylers Kicks, donating 100 boxed meals a week for Kylers Kicks to serve the community, especially the homeless. An all-new menu with a new chef was launched at 7th & Carson during the party, including the Kylers Kicks logo on the menu. Visit for info and reservations.







As his mother, Sherise, explained on Facebook:

“It was four years ago today all of our lives changed forever. I can still hear the most horrific words that have ever been spoken to me loud and clear. ‘Your son was stabbed in the hallway.’ Even four years later, when I close my eyes, I can still see Kyler completely blue, unable to breathe and covered in stab wounds. In the quiet, I can still hear the gurgling sounds crystal clear that Kyler was making while trying to breathe. If I still see, hear, and dream about these memories, I can only imagine what Kyler goes through with his intense flashbacks. We have spent the past four years healing through giving as a family. We have our good days and our bad days just like every other family. Yet every day, we wake up and try to make a positive impact in our world. On this anniversary, we try to remember that everything happens for a reason. If this tragedy would never have happened, we wouldn’t be able to heal tens of thousands in need through Kyler’s Kicks, and we wouldn’t be as strong as we are today. I look at Kyler in awe daily as he listens to the horror stories of others and responds every time with, ‘Now that it happened, what are you going to do about it, so it doesn’t happen to anyone else? We can cry about it together for just a minute; then we have to get up and do something about it. I believe in you, and I am here to hold your hand through it all.”

At the re-birth party, Sherise said, “Kyler, we salute you today and everyday son. You are a true warrior with a kind spirit. You have a much larger purpose in life then you realize, my son. Keep going! Keep healing yourself and others while expecting miracles daily! We send all our love, hope, healing, kindness, understanding, and comfort to blanket you today and every day. Love Mom.”

Robert Cohen from Cohen Medical Centers joined the event with a heartfelt speech from Sherise. “If it weren’t for Robert Cohen, my son wouldn’t be alive today.”

Click here to read the cover story about Kyler and his incredible journey to where he is at today.

However, there is a new challenge. Kyler Kicks is working on opening a new, bigger center for teens. The demand is great, and the teen lounge’s original location could not accommodate everyone with COVID-19 rules.







As Kyler said on Facebook:

“I am struggling to help all of our teens in need without enough funds for a new building. Please throw some love and donations my way. I could really use it right now.”

Visit for more info or to donate.

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